Can we do it all over again!? I absolutely LOVED my baby shower. If you know me, you’ll know I love any excuse for a themed party or get together so I was all over the baby shower idea from early on. It was organised by my best friend, my mum and one of my sisters and they threw me the BEST baby shower I could have ever asked for. Loads of other friends and family members also helped whether it be with food, decorations, games etc so thank you much everyone.

It was just the best having all of my girls together under one roof before the baby arrives.



I bought the outfit for my baby shower maybe 3 months before I actually had it, I knew I wanted a party style dress and of course ASOS saved the day! It was the dress of dreams – peach tulle covered in sequins + embellishment, HELLO. They don’t actually have it online anymore in the colour I bought however here is the navy version which is also gorgeous!



My extremely talented sister made pom poms and a tassel garland to decorate the house with and I also had the ‘OH BABY’ balloons I may have hinted at wanting quite a few times haha. Kelly also made personalised popcorn made for everyone to take home which was super cute.




We ate EVERYTHING. I wanted the baby shower to be ‘afternoon tea’ style but with other savoury and sweet things too and there was enough to feed everyone for a week (not that I was complaining as it all got left with me haha).

With drinks we had prosecco, ginger beer + lime mocktail, blueberry mojito mocktail + homemade lemonade.

I have to share with you what we used in the prosecco, it’s SO FUN for any special occasion and is a really fab stocking filler too actually! It’s called POPABALL PROSECCO and you can buy it from Lakeland here. It’s basically a shimmer/glitter than you just pop into your drink and creates a swirling, shimmer effect. I’m so rubbish and didn’t actually get a picture of it but check it out online and you can see what it looks like.

I also had baby shower rainbow sugar cookies made by my lovely friend Hayley, AT HOME WITH HAYLEY STANTON.





We played measure the bump, how many sweets in the baby bottle and the baby ice cube game. LOVE the baby ice cube game, don’t really know why but it was top of the list for games!



After everyone had left it was really lovely to go through the prediction cards everyone had written to see what they thought I was having, what features he/she may have and advice for the future! The majority vote was GIRL.

The best advice…

Always be naughty.

Live, Love, Laugh.

Steal all of mummy’s clothes (only if you’re a girl).

Be a member of a squad.

You’ll be born into a big + loving family, always stick together.



I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of gifts we received…BABY MASSINI was well and truly spoilt. SO many gorgeous clothes, soft toys, blankets, ALL the essentials from all the mamas that have had babies already and most probably my absolute favourite gift of all was a pair of baby hunter wellies which are BEYOND CUTE.

The countdown is on! Just over three weeks until due date…HOLY MACARONI.


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