I recently visited the COWSHED spa in Selfridges and it was quite possibly one of my favourite weekends of my whole pregnancy. It was super important for me to have some wind down time after such a busy year of being pregnant, going on hen dos, weddings, moving house etc and I had heard really good things about the mum to be package at Cowshed so thought I’d book myself in for a full afternoon of pampering!


I booked the Ultimately Udderly Gorgeous package which costs £230 and is 4-5 hours long and includes the Uddlerly Gorgeous Full Body Care which is a 90 minute treatment of a foot soak, dry body brushing, exfoliation, full body massage with a nourishing mask and face reviver. It also includes the Cowshed Facial which is a facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation and extraction followed by a face, neck and shoulder massage and finally finished off with a mask and a scalp hand or foot massage. The final part of the treatment is the Cowshed Pedicure and Speedy Manicure.


The staff were SO welcoming and looked after me from the moment I walked through the door. It was BLISS. My first treatment was the 90 minute massage and as it was my first pregnancy massage, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect seeing as you can’t lay on your front. I was  sat on a stool and propped up against a heap of pillows and fluffy white towels and lent over my hands which was actually surprisingly comfy whilst the therapist exfoliated and massaged my back. I had a LOT of knots and I was clearly holding a lot of tension in that area. After this part of the treatment I was lying down for the next hour and pampered from head to toe. What I loved most was not just having a standard full body massage, you get the dry body brushing, exfoliation etc and each area is worked on thoroughly.


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with facials, I love them but I also get so panicky about my nose being touched as I am REALLY funny about it and can barely even touch it myself. The second the therapist started on the nose and bent it sideways, I immediately had to pipe up and say I’m so sorry but can we please leave the nose, I’m not sure if you noticed but I am very sensitive to it hahaha. I think she must have thought I was completely nuts. The rest of the facial and scalp massage however was so DREAMY. My skin was quite red after as with a lot of facials and also due to the extraction element of the treatment but the time I left I was glowing and my skin was so smooth.


When it comes to choosing a nail colour, I am normally that nightmare customer but I was pretty decisive this time and just went for BLACK. They do have a range of gorgeous colours though and the range is called ‘CHEEKY’. The pedicure chairs are ridiculously comfortable and the one thing which I LOVED is that you get to watch SEX AND THE CITY whilst you have your treatment, how amazing is that!? I also had the pedicure and manicure done at the same time which was so nice as I wasn’t distracted by my phone and could fully relax.

I’d never used COWSHED products before but I’m now a huge fan of the brand. The one product which was probably my favourite and I’d really like to try is the Udderly Gorgeous Stretch Mark Balm. They also have a baby range which I am definitely going to get once the baby is here!

Any mama’s to be out there? BOOK YOURSELF IN NOW. It was worth every single PENNY, I promise you.


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