Ay caramba. I can’t believe my baby is TWO months old already! It has flown by. I’ve been trying to write this post for a while now but you know…things have got in the way as suspected with a newborn baby.



The saying that nothing can prepare you for a baby, the lifestyle change, sleep deprivation etc. could not be more true. IT IS BLOODY HARD WORK. The hardest job I’ve ever had (and in these weeks Nathan actually did the majority of the work as I was recovering from my c section). I found it really difficult not being able to pick Enzio up when I wanted, change him myself, wind him, all I was was a shuffling milk machine with rock hard boobs and blood bubble blister nips. The lack of sleep hits you like a TON OF BRICKS. I thought always being an early bird and having commuted long hours most of my adult life I might find it that littttttle bit easier, but NO. The tiredness is on another level. Don’t even get me started on the hormones! I would cry at everything, I’d cry because he wouldn’t sleep and then I’d cry because I couldn’t wake him up for a feed and he was too sleepy. I got a bit pissed off at him one night when he wouldn’t settle so shouted at him, then cried for shouting at him. I remember a friend coming over and asking me what it was that I was worried about and stressing over as I didn’t have to get up for work or anything in the morning. This bit of advice actually really put things into perspective for me and every time I was up in the middle of the night and he wouldn’t settle, I just kept reminding myself that and also that it won’t last forever!


I started to feel slightly more normal by weeks three to four but it was still quite full on with visitors. It was so lovely having everyone come to see us but some days when you’ve had a bad night and all you want to do is sleep, the last thing you want to do is host. This is also advice many people gave me before the baby but didn’t follow it, if you are too tired just re-schedule guests, they will understand! My hormones had definitely calmed down by week three along with the delightful bleeding and I no longer had to wear an adult nappy, YAY.


I actually looked forward to Nathan going back work as we pretty much had a whole month off all together as it coincided with christmas so I was quite eager to start getting into a routine and doing things by myself. I’m also really lucky that my mum lives just up the road so every morning she would come over before she goes to work which gives me a chance to shower, catch up on washing etc. I also started going out for daily walks which made me feel SO much more human. There’s nothing better than fresh air and moving your body. I started to feel much more myself, made the effort to do my nails, tan and do my hair regularly. It doesn’t take long but made me feel really good and ready to face the day. I think if things like that are important to you, then you do just make the time to do it. Also things like my weekly face masks, bubble baths etc didn’t disappear. SELF CARE is SO IMPORTANT. I actually spent an hour one morning making a list of things that make me happy and vowed to do one small thing each day that was purely indulgent and for ME! Typically, I chose things like…baths with bath bombs, painting my nails, lighting my favourite candle, listening to a podcast, practicing pilates, wearing bright lipstick, watching my favourite youtubers and reading blogs.


I got signed off by the doctor at seven weeks so was able to drive again, anyone that knows me, knows I’m not the biggest lover of driving and I was quite anxious to drive with the baby. But within three days I was driving again, we’d been on the bus and I’d taken the baby up to London ALL BY MYSELF. I enjoyed the freedom much more than I had imagined and finally felt completely in control of my new life and that I knew what I was doing. I’ve breastfed multiple times in public (which was another thing making me an anxious annie), it doesn’t bother me in the slightest now. One morning I had a real sense of calm and remember thinking that I absolutely LOVE being a mama and this exciting new journey I am embarking on. I know it’s going to fly by so I need to enjoy every single moment, the good and the bad. Another thing I have really loved is discovering new mums on instagram, it’s the best. I feel like I’m in a new club and there’s always someone to speak to at 3am when you are up doing the night feed and you realise you aren’t alone. I’m also arranging to meet up with a lovely girl I’ve met through Instagram! I am back into exercise too and have joined the MUMHOOD POST NATAL PHASE ONE which is an 8 week programme focusing on rebuilding your strength and core after pregnancy and childbirth. I’m really enjoying it and can already see a difference so will be writing a separate post on this for anyone that’s interested to know more. In regards to baby classes, I didn’t want to sign up to a million and one things and then overdo it so at the moment we are just going to be doing MAMA + BABY YOGA once a week. I’m keen to look into a local baby sensory class too.


I also must mention a book I was bought by a friend as it’s been my bible, I haven’t enjoyed reading something as much as this for a long time and can really relate to every word. It’s called – HOW TO BE A HIP MAMA WITHOUT LOSING YOUR COOL.

If you’re looking for a fabulous gift for a mama to be, this is a really lovely idea!


  • Make time to do things for yourself however small or big, it’ll make you feel a million times better, put you in a good mood and you’ll be a better mama for it.
  • Wake up, put your face on and wear your brightest lipstick (faves have to be Ruby Woo, Morange + Candy Yum Yum by MAC). You’ll feel empowered and ready to face the day. MAC Strobe Cream has also been a LIFESAVER. I’ve been complimented on my skin so much recently and I swear it’s down to this!
  • PLAN + PREP, PLAN + PREP. Trying to keep the changing bag fully stocked is a challenge but if you have two of everything it makes it much easier! I have also been meal planning for the week every sunday which makes the weeks much more structured and I have more time.
  • Do the washing up and putting away every night before you go to bed. It sounds ridiculously boring but it makes a HUGE difference to your mood walking into a clean, tidy kitchen first thing in the morning.
  • Don’t stress yourself out if your routine doesn’t work one day or if you’ve had a bad night and can’t face going out. Just stay inside and wear PYJAMAS ALL DAY. 
  • Everyone says it and they say it for a reason! In the first few weeks, NAP WHEN THE BABY NAPS. It really helps, you need all the energy you can get.

See you in my next post!


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