THE HYPNOBIRTHING BABE has arrived! YAY. I’m Chloë and I am a first time mama to Enzio who as I write this post, is 9 months. I am currently on maternity leave and training to become a hypnobirthing teacher – it’s something soon after I had a baby was on my mind, a feeling that I couldn’t ignore and after months of umming and ahhing, I just though F*CK it…let’s do this! 


I’ve really loved every single second of my maternity leave and feel SUPER lucky to have had this time off to learn and grow as a new mama, explore what’s important to me in life, take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city and find the magic in every single day and I have well and truly embraced motherhood – no doubt about it. 

I threw myself into attending multiple mama events ALONE, making new mama friends, engaging daily with my online community of mamas, reading books about pregnancy, motherhood, hypnobirthing etc., spending my days on walks with the baby listening to every parenting related podcast out there. The whole journey has blown my mind and opened me up to a new world I never knew I even wanted to be a part of and now I am so proud to say I am in it!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been bloody hard work but I have so far managed to (just about) keep my head above water and still manage to feel like ME. I guess that’s one thing I really worried about pre-baby, all the what ifs. When you had other plans and mother nature surprises you with a gift with no return tag, it can be tough but I am the biggest believer in everything happens for a reason and seeing the positive in every situation which takes me nicely onto why I have chosen to sign up to become a hypnobirthing teacher. 

During my pregnancy, I did a (sort of) hypnobirthing type course but it was mainly learning a few breathing techniques, a bit of pregnancy yoga and some stretching. I really looked forward to it each week and what I learnt definitely helped me up until a point during my labour but I was really interested to learn more. Throughout my whole life I have always been told that I am such a positive person and always asked how I see the positive and the good in all situations. I guess it’s just something I have in me, I’m not really sure? I’ve always wanted to do something with it, just wasn’t sure what!

It suddenly hit me, my way of sharing my positive mindset is going to be through teaching hypnobirthing and to support, prepare and inform women for this completely life changing and magical journey to becoming a mother. 

I feel I have found my calling in life and am beyond excited for the next chapter and what’s to come! 

We’re going to talk all things hypnobirthing, pregnancy, motherhood, perineal massage, labour, breastfeeding, leaky boobs, big knickers + giant sanitary towels, bottle feeding, post natal fitness, c section scars, fashion + dressing like a ‘mum’, self care, weaning, sex after having a baby, mama friends, the fourth trimester. You name it, we’ll talk about it…

Do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the above or my upcoming courses – just email chloe@thehypnobirthingbabe.com. 


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