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If you are new to the whole motherhood thing then you may well have heard of Peanut. Peanut was founded by the tech savvy mama, Michelle Kennedy (@michellekennedylon) and it is an app that connects you to like minded mamas in your area! 


There’s a fabulous interview with Michelle here.

Motherhood can be extremely lonely, especially in those first few months where you are finding your feet and it feels like all you are doing is feeding, burping, changing, rocking etc. In the early days, getting out feels like a huge task but at the same time you need it for your sanity and the world of good that just talking to another mama can do is SO needed sometimes.

I downloaded peanut as soon as I was pregnant and couldn’t wait to explore the app. You set up your profile like most social media apps with a profile picture and a bio but what peanut also offered was a unique way to showcase your personality by choosing certain ‘packs’. You can choose from things such as sleep deprived, spiritual gangsta, mum boss, wine time, fashion killa, but first, food, single mama, neighbourhood newbie and tons of others! It’s choosing these traits that will then connect you with mamas with similar interests. 


I had a really great network of mamas around me but that didn’t stop me from using peanut – I love meeting new people and it’s even better if you have babies super close together. I also loved just chatting to mamas on peanut who were going through something similar, who wanted advice or even just some interaction! Whether that be in the day or when I was up doing the night feed, it really helped. 

Peanut also offers a topic area on the app where the users can post about pretty much anything! A space to ask questions and advice from other mamas (and also things that you may be too embarrassed to speak about with your friends and those close to you). You can be anonymous if you feel you don’t want to post under your profile. It covers things like health + fitness, mama mantras, work + money, beauty + fashion, love + sex, pregnancy, is it ok? There’s no judgement in the forums, we are all just doing what works best for us and our babies and gaining some brilliant advice along the way. 


You can create events and group chats too which brings me on to how I am personally working with Peanut. I have recently teamed up with Peanut to become one of their MVP’s! I am essentially an ambassador for my area to represent Peanut and raise awareness of the app and to get more mamas to connect. My role will also include hosting mama meet ups, marketing, writing blog posts, posting on social media, running giveaways and sharing the peanut love! 

It’s a really exciting time for me at the moment having come to the end of my maternity leave, having found my feet in motherhood and more recently having trained as a hypnobirthing teacher, I am in the ultimate position to be constantly surrounded by mamas to be and new mamas and can’t wait to get the ball rolling. 


You can download Peanut here.

Want to follow Peanut on Instagram? It’s @peanut – it’s packed with super inspiring content with some mama related quotes thrown in for good measure. Just to remind us again that we are not alone!





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